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Defeating the Odds

Jasmine grew up in church all her life and loved it! She came from a family of Missionaries, Pastors, and family that instilled a COGIC lifestyle in her, to say the least. However, Jasmine's life was not perfect, she grew up with both parents in the house, but her father was not a good father honestly. He was not present, and he was abusive to her mother and brothers, this led to their divorce when she was nine. After their divorce, she found herself doing things to get her father's attention, the attention she felt she deserved. But it was never good enough. She tried excelling in school, basketball and nothing was good enough in her father's eyes.

In middle school, she made the decision to get saved and be involved with youth cotillion. Before the entire church, she vowed to abstain from sex until marriage. She was full of excitement and knew it would be easy to abstain from sex because she did not like guys. Multiple things led to her hating men; the resentment that was built up towards her dad, seeing how her brothers treated their girlfriends and how her mom was seeking men to fill a void her dad gave her. She started to dress masculine and carry herself like a man ( as she expressed even while knowing it was sinful) but women gave her all the attention she needed her dad to give her. Naturally, she became a womanizer being with women a lot older than she was, just to appease the void of a "parental" figure the feeling she missed from her father.

When that was not enough, she got involved with drugs like weed and painkillers until the point where she became so numb. But God, he is so gracious he ALWAYS had women in her life pouring into her. Like teachers, her grandmother, even strangers telling her that she was a natural born leader, God had plans for her, and these women showed her love, Christ-like love. But she wasn't done pleasing her flesh or going out and being a womanizer. One night she told God “I will serve you when I'm done doing me, I'm still young so I'll serve you later" and that next week her life turned upside down. After a night of smoking and drinking excessively with "friends”, she blacked out and ended up being sexually assaulted. The first thing she felt the next day was a shame. "I felt like I was dirty in Gods eyes, I had struggled with lesbianism, substance abuse, and pride but, never impurity." A week after that she got expelled from school, all of her college recruits for basketball went out the window, and she had no idea what to do.

But God spoke Jeremiah 29:11 over her life! She knew God wanted to wake her up and He did. By His grace, she graduated high school early, started college at 17 and decided she would serve God fully. "I don't desire women in that way or have the desire to do drugs it was not easy though." Jasmine is 19 now, being obedient to God's call over her life by leading a campus ministry. She said she wants young people to know that there is nothing on this earth that will ultimately satisfy you because you are meant for the Creator, not creation and to be obedient to God because it is so worth it!. I had the opportunity of meeting Jasmine at a college conference, she has a remarkable spirit, her story touched me, and I love her journey she is having with God. I hope this testimony helps someone.

Top: Jasmine happy, sharing her testimony & serving at a local shelter

Bottom:were high school before she decided to move in her purpose

Her Favorite scripture

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Question of the Day?

What things are you battling with and how are you filling the voids in your life? How will Jasmine's story help you move forward to find your happiness?