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Hey everyone, thanks for coming to to visit my site and taking time out of your day to find interest in my purpose and the things that I have to say. Driven by Purpose is so hard for me to explain to people because there is so much I want to do with my brand. I love helping other people and I find that me telling people my testimonies and guiding people through their trails based on my own, has always helped others. Now granted I can never take my own advice, but who really can. Every other week I will have a new blog post for you all. On my site I will be looking for people to share their testimony and personal experiences, so that everyone can learn and receive something from other people's stories. So if you know anyone that has a great testimony and the world needs to hear about it give me a shout. I've learned that you never know what a person is going through until you hear their story. I strive to help everyone know that their not alone and not the only person going through struggles. Through prayer, scripture and learning from my mistakes I have grown as a person and my journey has molded me to use my gifts and work toward my purpose everyday. I have been told numerous times, write down your vision, write down your dreams and make them plain, and watch the work begin. So this is the advice I leave for you.

Faith without works is dead -James 2:14-26

Mini Question of the Day: What are somethings you have wanted to accomplish or do? Have you written them down or acted on them?

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